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Long Arm Services

The Bee is proud to assist you in your creative process, and we want you to be happy with the results of the services we provide. We will treat your quilt as our own while it is in our care. To provide the best results, please review the following checklist before bringing your quilt for longarm services. We will also review this checklist with you at check-in, and reserve the right to refuse tops, batting or backing that does not meet the following requirements:

___ 1. Batting must be either Quilter's Dream (available at Bee Quilting & Such) or Warm & Natural. We will not quilt batting that has been pieced together, and we will not quilt with other brands of batting.
___ 2. Quilt tops must be well-pressed, squared up, and have all threads clipped.
___ 3. Backing and batting must extend beyond the quilt top at least 4 1/2 inches on all four sides in order to be loaded on our quilting frame. 
___ 4. Backing must be well-pressed, squared up and have all threads clipped.
___ 5. Bed sheets will not be accepted as backing.
___ 6. Backing may be pieced, but must be sewn together by the customer and all seams must be pressed open.
___ 7. Quilt top, backing and batting should be separate and not pinned together. We cannot load pinned quilt sandwiches on our quilting frame.
___ 8. Quilts will be quilted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you must pay for all services in full before your quilt will be placed in line for completion.
___ 9. We are not responsible for folds or fullness at seams or borders.

Pricing of longarm services is based on quilt size (in square inches) and quilting design size. To determine your quilt size, measure the length and width of your quilt in inches. Multiply those two numbers to determine the number of square inches. 

Neutral thread color is included in the below prices. We use neutral thread colors and do not charge extra unless you want a special color; in that case we will order the thread and the leftover thread will be returned to you. We do not charge for needle changes.


     We are only capable of edge-to-edge designs; charge is $.03/square inch

Additional Services Available:
     Sewing backing together: $10.00/seam
     Trimming batting and backing after quilting: $15.00
     Half Binding: $.17/linear inch
     Full Binding: $.27/linear inch
     Leaders Needed (required if backing isn't large enough): $5.00/side

To calculate linear inches: Measure quilt top length and width in inches. Add width and length and multiply result by 2.
For binding services, you must supply 1 yard of uncut, pre-washed fabric. All binding is cut on straight of grain unless quilt has curved edges or you specify bias binding, which will be an additional charge of $.03/linear inch. Half binding includes cutting and machine sewing to top of quilt and trimming. Full binding includes cutting, machine sewing to top of quilt, trimming, and hand-sewing with matching thread (provided by you) to the back of the quilt.

If you have additional questions, please call us at 219-237-2076

We look forward to helping you complete your projects!