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Gingerbread House Decorating Competition!
to benefit Hospice

No baking or frosting required!
First Prize: $100 Gift Card to The Bee!
Second Prize and “Hospice Favorite” provided by Hospice

How does this work? You must use the Home for the Holidays block to make a gingerbread house. The block is due by November 19, 2022. Blocks will be hung in the shop, where the public can vote for their favorite block. Voting will be completed by stuffing money into the box associated with a block. The house that generates the most money will be declared the winner. Winners will be announced on December 10. ALL of the money in the boxes is donated to Hospice. All of it. Period.

Where do I get the pattern? Available for purchase at The Bee. Printed patterns are $10. If you have taken (or are going to take) the “Build A House” class, you can use the pattern you received in class.

How do I make the block? The block is constructed using Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP)

Uh oh. I don’t know how to FPP. How can I participate? Sign up for Intro to Foundation Paper Piecing (a $5 class at The Bee) to learn the basics. Then you can either purchase the pattern and make your house, or take “Build a House.” In Build a House, we will be giving out lots of tips and ideas for customizing houses, and will construct a house block using the same pattern you will use for the gingerbread house. You may not make your gingerbread house in class, we will be making houses that look like realistic houses or haunted houses.

Can I bring a $100 bill and stuff it in my house? Can I send my friends to vote for my house? ABSOLUTELY! The ultimate point is that this is a fundraiser for Hospice.

What if my house doesn’t earn any money? We aren’t announcing how much each house earns. We will announce how much the winners generate, and how much the event generates overall. That’s it. We want to have FUN, not embarrass anyone.

How do I register? Give us a call (219) 237-2076 or come on in the shop and we will get you ready!