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Private Lessons

Do you need help finishing a quilt that you began a long time ago? 
Do you wish we would offer a class that never makes it onto our schedule?
Do you need help with one or two steps of a quilting project, or help learning a new ruler?

Private lessons are the answer!

Each session with a private instructor is $25/hour. How that time is spent depends on what you need help. We can usually give you an estimate of how many sessions a project will take when you show us what you have in mind. 

A great example of how private lessons work is a recent customer. She wanted to use a pattern to make a quilt top. The pattern used a specialty ruler and it had been awhile since she had read a pattern by herself. In addition, she wanted to make the quilt top bigger, as a gift for a family member. She came in and arranged for private lessons. At session one, she had a hands-on  lesson and learned to cut out her fabric and sew some strips together. She went home and completed the rest of the sewing and called when she was finished to arrange session two. At the second session, she had a hands-on demo of how to use her specialty ruler to cut the strip sets she had sewn, and how to sew those cuts into a square. After mastering this skill, she went home and completed that step. At the third session, she practiced squaring up her new blocks with the specialty ruler, used the ruler to cut her corners off, and sewed new corners on. At her fourth and final session, the quilter completed a final square up, and together we developed a strategy for sewing all of her completed squares together. She finished her top at home, had it quilted, added the binding. After only a couple months of hard work and learning new skills, she presented her gorgeous modified wedding ring quilt to her family member, who absolutely loves it.

If you have questions, or would like an estimate about how much help it would take to finish your quilting project (or just the step you're stuck on!), come in the shop, call us at (219) 237-2076 or email

The Bee does not currently offer assistance on garment sewing projects