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Baby Tomato Pin Cushion 2 Asst


Betweens Needles Sz 10


Betweens Needles Sz 12


Calico Braided Rug Needles


Curved Basting Pins Size 2 75ct


Iris Swiss SuperFine Pins 500ct


Organ Needles Universal Size 80/12 Eco Pack


Piecemaker Between / Quilting Needles Size 5/10


Piecemaker Between Needles Size 8/12


Piecemaker Dollmaking Needles 5 inch


Piecemaker Embroidery Needles Assorted Sizes 5/10


Piecemaker Milliners / Straw Needles Assorted Sizes 3/9


Piecemaker Sharps Assorted Sizes 5/10


Piecemakers Betweens Needles Size 8


Piecemakers Betweens Size 9


Piecemakers Chenille Needles Size 18/22


Piecemakers Doll Making Needles 3 1/2"


Piecemakers Doll Making Needles 7 inches


Piecemakers Embroidery Needles Size 8


Piecemakers Embroidery Needles Sz 7


Piecemakers Sharps Needles Sz 12


Piecemakers Tapestry Needles Size 22


Snag Repair Needles


Tapestry Needles Sz 24


Tapestry Needles Sz 26


Wonder Clips Assorted Colors 10pc


Wonderful Clips