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Sewing Machine Accessories






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1/4" Foot w/guide for 5-7 mm


1/4" Foot w/guide for 5mm Osc. Hook Class I


1/4" foot w/guide for 9mm


1/4" Foot w/o Guide 9mm


20/40/60 Magnifiers for 9mm


Darning Foot for Jem Gold


Ditch foot for 5 & 7mm machines


Ditch Quilting Foot for 9mm


Embroidery Foot (P) for MC 10000


HD 9 Bobbin


HD9 Needle HLx5 100/16


HD9 Needle HLx5-11 75/11


HD9 Needle HLx5-14 90/14


HD9 Needle HLx5-9 65/9DP


Janome Acu-Feed Foot with Foot Holder (Single)


Janome AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot


Janome AcuFeed Zipper Foot (Single)


Janome Black Pre-Wounds


Janome Concealed Zipper Foot (for 9mm)


Janome Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set


Janome Optic Magnifier 20


Janome Overlock Foot C


Janome Plastic Bobbins


Janome Purple Tip Needles


Janome Quilting Attachments


Janome Ultra Glide Foot


Janome White Pre-Wounds


Jem Gold Quilting Attachments


Organ Needles Embroidery Astd


Organ Needles Jean Astd


Organ Needles Jersey Astd


Organ Needles Leather Astd


Organ Needles Universal 100/16


Organ Needles Universal 110/18


Organ Needles Universal 70/9


Organ Needles Universal 90/14


Organ Universal Assortment 10/12/14


Presser Foot Holder for MC 10000


Ultra Glide Foot BP-1


Zipper foot for top load 7mm