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Half Square Triangle Quilt

We need 43 blocks by Tuesday, September 8. We are only asking for the half square triangles for this quilt! The beautiful star block was donated and will be the center of this quilt! Please use black, tone-on-tone black prints or fabric that reads black for the background. Any bright pink will do for the pink triangles. Squares finish 12 1/2 inches. Directions are as follows:

1. Cut one square of black 13 inches x 13 inches; cut one square of pink fabric 13 inches x 13 inches. 
2. On the back of the pink square, draw a diagonal line from one corner to another (so you are dividing the square into 2 large triangles). 
3. Lay the pink square on top of the black square, right sides together, so you are looking at the back of the pink square.
4. Using the drawn line as your guide, stitch a line 1/4 inch from the drawn line. Repeat on the other side of your drawn line. You will have a square with a diagonal line drawn across the middle and two lines stitched parallel to the drawn line. 
5. Cut on the drawn line. You will now have two large triangles with a seam one-quarter inch from the cut edge (the cut edge is the hypotenuse, for those of you who remember high school geometry).
6. Press your seams and open your triangles into two squares. You will have two squares -- one half of each will be a triangle, hence the name of the block: Half Square Triangle!